Tax fraud and tax evasion

Tax fraud and tax evasion

The law regarding fiscal offences has become the subject of an increasingly dynamic political debate, and the fiscal authorities now have more knowledge than ever about the financial and fiscal data of every citizen, with the consequence that tax crimes have become ubiquitous. An indicator of this development is the rising number of suspects charged with tax fraud. A well-balanced collaboration between criminal law lawyers and tax experts is paramount for the successful management of proceedings that involve alleged tax infringements.

Advice and legal representation in tax litigation

One of the firm's key areas of activity is the provision of advice and legal representation in opposition proceedings under tax law (especially in connection with criminal law in relation to tax offences), which is determined by substantive tax law. This field of law is now characterized more than ever before by lack of consistency, a rapid rate of change and uncertainties in its interpretation and practical application.

The firm provides advice and legal representation to clients and their legal advisors (in particular in problem cases) in respect of external tax audits by the German tax authorities, opposition proceedings and at all German fiscal courts.

We examine the relevant facts, identify the relevant case-law, legal writings and administrative guidelines, as we always take into account new legal and factual aspects.