Tax litigation

Even the tax authorities can be mistaken. Every year, the tax authorities issue a number of incorrect tax assessments. Conflicts with the tax office can also arise even before the assessment is issued. Often the course is already set in the tax audit. And at the latest when the taxpayer becomes subject of a tax investigation, the alarm bells are ringing.

In cases in which the tax office does not give in to divergent opinions on tax issues, the case needs to be brought before a tax court. Creating the necessary conditions, setting the right course for successful litigation at an early stage, and then fighting the case through with the right skills and vigour is the subject of our work in the field of tax litigation.

We represent our clients’ interests in opposition proceedings against the tax office as well as before the tax courts. To this end, we first examine the prospects that your matter promises and advise you on the easiest and quickest way to settle it. If there is no way around going to court, we represent you both with regards to preliminary legal protection and in the main proceedings.

Our specialisation in criminal tax law naturally comes into its own when the proceedings before the fiscal court concerning the tax debt also result in criminal tax proceedings. Here we defend our clients both in connection with allegedly late or incorrect voluntary disclosures and with regard to the actual charge of tax evasion.