Criminal law. State of the art.

We are the generalists among the specialists: our lawyers are proficient in the entire range of criminal law and contribute know-how from other relevant fields. Our big plus: main negotiation competence, which cannot be taken for granted in the market.

"A leading firm for white-collar crime."

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"The interest of the client is in everyone's focus."

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"Very strong in white-collar crime overall."

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Criminal cases in which someone is found standing over a corpse with a smoking gun are rather rare. Most verdicts are therefore not based on direct, irrefutable and obvious evidence, such as a clear witness account. The question of guilt or innocence – or at least of guilt that cannot be proven – is then answered via indirect, so-called evidentiary signs, i.e. circumstantial evidence.


In its FOCUS-SPEZIAL series, Focus magazine has surveyed the top commercial law firms for 2023. We are again listed in the category “multidisciplinary top business law firms” as well as for the specialties Compliance and Commercial Criminal Law. Our partner Prof. Dr. Heiko Ahlbrecht is named as one of the top lawyers in criminal law for the West.

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The digital transformation hardly stops at any company anymore. It harbors great opportunities for companies and risks. Cyber attacks are a constantly growing threat. Hackers are on the lookout for vulnerabilities – and finding them ever faster. The cyber board position protects companies and manages risks.


Prof. Dr. Heiko Ahlbrecht

Partner – Lawyer, bar certified criminal law specialist

Dr. Eren Basar

Partner – Lawyer, certified criminal law specialist, CIPP/E

Dipl.-Fw. Rainer Biesgen

Partner – Lawyer

Dr. Rainer Birke

Partner – Lawyer, certified criminal law specialist

Dr. Matthias Dann, LL.M.

Partner – Lawyer

Andreas Pfister

Partner – Lawyer

Dr. Helga Wessing

Founding Partner – Lawyer, certified lawyer for employment law

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Wessing

Founding partner – Lawyer, certified criminal law specialist

Dr. Silke Baumanns


Philipp J. Butler Ransohoff, LL.B.


Jana Hammesfahr


Christian Heinelt


Dr. Volodymyr Izrailevych

Lawyer, certified lawyer for tax law

Jonathan Rüschendorf


Nina Santagatti-Bergmann, LL.M.


Dr. Tobias Thielmann


Johannes Wiegelmann


Prof. Dr. Helmut Frister

Of Counsel

Powerful unit – complex cases. If you are attracted to working as part of a specialised team and taking on the personal responsibility this requires, you could be a perfect match to you team.